Ladies and gentlemen,

So much has changed regarding the role of women in today’s society. They do not just simply act as “fire holders”, “homemakers” but also “bread winners” of their families.  

In their self-asserting path, women, especially poor and disadvantaged ones, have faced many difficulties and challenges due to limited capacities and expertise as well as social prejudice, lack of capital, lack of connections for expanding their markets etc.

Tinh Thuong One Member Limited Liability Microfinance Institution (TYM) was established by the Vietnam Women’s Union in 1992. TYM operates for non-profit purposes. Its targeted clients include poor, disadvantaged and low-income women living in rural and semi-urban areas. For its contributions to poverty alleviation, TYM was honored to receive such prestigious awards as the Labour Order First, Second, and Third Classes by the State, the best MFI in Vietnam, the MFI with Pro-poor Focus etc.

Being aware of this situation, in recent years, in addition to financial services, Tinh Thuong One Member Limited Liability Microfinance Institution (TYM) has put its focus on promoting business development services (BDS) for women such as training them on production and business techniques, linking their products to markets through trading events, fairs, so on and so forth.

As one of these BDS activities, TYM is opening a shop for its clients – “TYM Clients Shop” on 7 February 2015 at 20 Thuy Khue – Hanoi (Gate B).

The shop is opened to introduce and connect high quality products of poor, vulnerable and low-income women across regions to customers in the city.

Coming to the shop, you are not only able to select a variety of safe commodities satisfying your demands such as agricultural products, handicrafts, dried food, specialties of different areas but you also contribute to help women improve their living quality and escape poverty in a sustainable manner.

We commit that:

100% of products are made by poor, disadvantaged and low-income women.

100% of products are clean, safe and guaranteed in terms of quality.

100% of income are used for continuing support of women.

Together with us, you can support women in a number of practical ways:

Directly visit and purchase goods at the Shop;

Recommend the Shop to your friends, relatives, partners etc.;

Commend good quality products of poor, disadvantaged and low-income women to the Shop.

TYM highly welcomes your participation and contribution!

For further information, please contact:Mr. Nguyen Duy Truong – Managing Officer of BDS Division via his cell phone: 0123.268.3119 or Email:

Sincerely yours!


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