Our Advantages

Originally inspired by the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh TYM has developed its own unique approach to women’s development over the past 30 years. We put our success down to these five features.

  1. TYM is in touch with women
  • Clients have easy access to loans making weekly repayments in their local communes
  • TYM’s officers are regularly available for Members they are gentle, friendly, visit the clients and help them resolve difficulties in a timely manner
  • Poor Members receive charitable assistance from TYM
  • Clients are encouraged to give feedback and make suggestions to improve our operations
  1. TYM offers tailor-made products and services
  • TYM provide loans without collateral requirements
  • Loans are disbursed quickly and using simple procedures
  • Loans sizes are small for poor women
  • Clients can open savings accounts with minimal capital
  • Clients and their families are supported in case of poor health and death
  1. TYM is client centric
  • TYM always improves its services and develops new products to meet the client’s demands
  • There are no charges, transaction or administration fees
  • We provide capacity building which is community specific. In low lying coastal areas we train in climate change and in the poorest mountainous zones we train women hygiene and literacy
  1. TYM is established
  • We have 3 decades of experience  
  • We were the first officially licensed MFI in Vietnam
  • Founded & directed by the Vietnam Women’s Union – an influential and well regarded socio-political organization
  • We are one of the most reputable MFIs in Vietnam and the South East Asia region
  1. TYM is reliable
  • Our clear vision and mission helps low-income and poor people to improve their standard of living & social status in the society
  • We have high-qualified, committed and creative officers
  • We are transparent in our operations