Impact & Coverage

Since we opened our doors in 1992 Vietnam has made remarkable market-led economic growth lifting approximately 30 million people above the official poverty line. We are proud to have supported 171, 589 Vietnamese women to rise against poverty over the last two decades. Despite these rapid advances in overall human development, disparity between the rich and the poor has increased significantly. Today ethnic minorities, small-scale farmers, women and migrant workers are more likely to live in poverty and suffer from discrimination. Whilst TYM is proud to have contributed to the overall poverty reduction, we remain more determined than ever to improve quality of life for marginalized and disadvantaged women and enhance their role in society.


From coastal Nghe An in Central Vietnam to mountainous Thai Nguyen in Northern Vietnam we are present in 13 provinces allowing us to serve approximately 171, 589 clients living in 77 districts. To be as close as possible to our clients we can be found in 701 communes. Our team reaches women living in peri-urban centers and remote areas via 4,251 Centers scattered across the country. We plan to expand into new districts and provinces in 2020.


The benefit of our financial and social services has been felt by 300,000 women. The outstanding loan portfolio is valued at over VND 14,000 billion. Over 1 million loans. The repayment rate is 99%. We have mobilized more than VND 1,200 billion from small savings.

(Update: 30/06/2020)

STT Items 30/06/2020
1. No of Districts covered 77
2. No of communes 700
3. No of branches and transaction offices 74
4. No of staffs 538
5. No of Technical officers 281
6. Members/clients169550 171, 371
7. No of members with loans 104,027
8. Loans Outstanding(billion VND)  1,899.9
9. Total saving balance (billion VND) 1,637.2
10. PAR (%) 0.0035


The benefit of our financial and social services has been felt by 300,000 women in the following areas:

Health: As women’s livelihoods have stabilized thanks to financial inclusion so too has their quality of life and overall well-being. TYM has provided 36,000 health checks to members and has also provided training on women’s health, sanitation and hygiene.

Capacity building: Since 1992 we have run more than 170,000 training sessions designed specifically for women. From literacy to business development training these workshops, classes and field trips have encouraged women to learn new skills.

Social: The women who participate in our programs have developed new communication and leadership skills. We are proud of our 15,400 members who currently hold leadership positions in Party agencies, local governments, and in the Vietnam Women’s Union.   

Education: Our scholarship programs have supported 2,000 children from low-income families with opportunities to study at college.

Economic: We have helped more than 120,000 women to successfully escape poverty and 7,000 women to become micro-entrepreneurs. Our training in financial education, business management and entrepreneurship.  

Housing: We have mobilized funds to support vulnerable women by providing 163 houses to women in need.

Community: TYM has led 300 community projects aimed at improving infrastructure, health and education in the communities where we work.