Financial Services

With 25 years of experience, TYM knows better than anyone that financial inclusion is intrinsically linked to breaking the poverty cycle.  Our current portfolio is made up of 165.000 poor, near poor and low income women. Whilst credit is our main service we also offer a variety of savings schemes to help women accumulate wealth, better manage their finances and develop their businesses.


All our loans were originally designed using lending values inspired by Grameen Bank principles and have been adapted to meet Vietnamese women’s. Loans must have features which suit poor and low income families; collateral free, repayable in small weekly or monthly installments, simple to access and based on strict credit discipline.

The majority of our Clients & Members take out loans for economic development purposes to run their small farming, livestock, fishery, forestry & trading businesses.  A smaller part of our portfolio borrow to meet consumption and housing needs or invest in their Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).  At TYM we recognize that not all households have the same needs, that’s why we have developed short term, medium term and Micro and Small Entrepreneurs (MSE) loans which are adapted to their diverse circumstances.

We offer the following loans: Economic Development, Policy Loans, Multipurpose Loans, Construction Loan, Loan for disater risk recovery, and MSE Loans .

Loans range in size according to capital requirements, project prize, economic capacity and the repayment capability of the members.They are classified into three groups (i) Short-term microloans, (ii) Medium term microloans & (iii) MSE loans summarized below for a more detailed description please click here to see our detailed Product Description.

‘Policy’ Loan for women living below poverty line

  • Up to USD 1100

(1-25 million VND)

  • weekly
  • Loans must be used for business activities to increase the family income
Loans for households close to poverty line

  • Up to USD 1320 (1-30 million                                                                  VND)
  • Loans can be used for consumption to improve the quality of life
‘Multi-purpose’ loan

  • Up to USD 2200 (1-50 million VND)
  • Loans can be used for Consumption; additional capital for Livestock/animal raising, production, business, trading, fishery, forestry
  • Once a week repayment: 25 weeks, 40 weeks
  • Once every 4 weeks repayment: 24 weeks, 52 weeks, 72 weeks
Business Development Loan

  • Up to USD 2200 (1-50 million VND)
  • Loans must be used for business activities to increase the family income
  • 1 year
Loan for disater risk recovery

  • Up to USD 1320 (1-30 million                                                                  VND)
  • TYM members affected by natural disasters need loans to invest in livestock/animal raising, production, business, trading, fishery, forestry and trading… to overcome the effects of natural disasters
  • Once a week for 50-week term loan and once every four weeks for 52-week term
  • Medium-term microloans are disbursed after 50 weeks of compulsory savings
‘Construction and Home Improvement loan’

  • For all members of TYM after a certain period
  • Up to USD 660 (1-15 million VND)
  • 70/100 weeks
  • Loans must be used for construction and repairs of roofs, sanitation facilities, water installations etc.
  • MSE loans are being piloted in four provinces to existing and new clients with micro or small enterprises. Collateral may be required in some cases
  • USD 2244 – 4400 (51 -100 million VND)
  • 25 weeks to 18 months
  • Working capital and/or small investment for micro and small enterprises

Loan documents include:
• Loan application
• Credit assessment table
• Credit agreement
• TYM’s form on the causes of disaster on the member’s family verified by the local government


Savings are inherently linked to all successful microfinance programs as they permit poor and low-income households to accumulate wealth, develop new savings habits and achieve their goals. TYM provides financial education training and services make it easier for Members* to turn loose change into valuable savings.

Our savings products are:

  1. Secure: Client’s money is safe with TYM
  2. Adapted: They don’t require large deposits, as little as 20 cents a week (5000 VND)
  3. Convenient: Collection takes place close to clients’ homes
  4. Simple: Transactions are fast and require minimal paperwork
  5. Competitive: We use market-based interest rates

 Check out our savings products in detail

Compulsory savings

  • Only available for    TYM Members*
  • Develop saving habits
  • 3.6% p/a
Voluntary savings (non-term)

  • Available for all TYM Clients
  • Offer small, flexible savings
  • 1% p/a
 1, 3, 6, 12 month term deposits

  • Available for TYM Members & general public
  • 4.2% to 6.7%
Regular Savings

  • Available for TYM Members & general public
  • 3.6 % to 5.2% depending on term


(*)TYM Members are those clients who commit to participate in all of TYM’s services such as loans, savings, family mutual assistance and to follow TYM’s rules and regulations.