TYM provided training on “Strengthening Small Business Management Skills for Women Entrepreneurs” to its members


Under the project “Strengthening & Upskilling Female Entrepreneurs” supported by Citi Foundation, between 14 – 17 November 2017, at the office of Phuc Yen branch, TYM organized the training course on “Strengthening Small Business Management Skills for Women Entrepreneurs”. This was the training course for 20 female members of VWU and TYM who have small and medium business models. All of them had the need and desire to improve their management skills.

The training content was designed in a scientific and useful manner, covering six topics: business awareness, marketing, human-organization and management, business cooperation, financial management, practice of business planning. The course aimed to equip participants with knowledge, skills and confidence to increase their chances of success; help them become successful entrepreneurs, more importantly, contributor for positive social change. The course was conducted by 17-year-experienced lecturers in the field of business administration – Ms. Pham Hong Hai – PhD, Deputy Director of Business Administration Department, Vietnam Women’s Academy.

T Attending the opening ceremony of the course on November 14th there were Ms. Duong Thi Ngoc Linh – TYM General Director, Mr. Bui Quang Huy – External Relations Manager, Representative of Citi Foundation in Vietnam, Ms. Ha Thi Anh Nguyet – Chairperson of Phuc Yen Town Women’s Union, and Heads, Deputy Heads and officers of the TYM’s Head Office, and management team of TYM – Phuc Yen Branch. Besides members of TYM and VWU, there were 10 managers of the branches attending the course. They wished to gain additional knowledge of teaching have post-training support for their members.

In his speech at the opening ceremony, Mr. Bui Quang Huy shared that the target group of Citi Foundation was small businesses, especially female-owned enterprises. They needed many skills such as management of cash flow, finance and accounting, tax etc. They were very hard, aggressive and determined. They also wanted to improve their skills. That was why the Citi Foundation was committed to working with TYM to provide long-term support to micro-entrepreneurs.

Speaking at the training course, Ms. Duong Thi Ngoc Linh expressed her sincere thanks to the support and cooperation of Citi Foundation and shared the pride of TYM with its 25 years history supporting more than 120,000 women out of poverty, and 7,000 women becoming micro-entrepreneurs. In addition to the mission of poverty reduction, TYM also focuses on supporting small and medium enterprises to create more jobs for communities.


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