“Studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideas, ethics and style.”


During his lifetime, President Ho Chi Minh asserted: “With their heartfelt efforts, our women – both old and young- have built and woven this country of Vietnam to make it even more beautiful.” Thus, women in general and women in microfinance in particular have the right to be proud and confident to fulfill their duties and responsibilities with their families and society through each period of history.
In the period of 2010-2015, following the movement “suceeding at both work and at home,” civil servants and workers had gained many achievements, contributing to the advancement of women and gender equality and the overall development of the financial sector in general and microfinance in particular. The quality of women has been maintained by the microfinance industry up to the present time, creating role model in the movement “suceeding at both work and at home.” And recently, the whole country is focusing on deploying and effectively implementing three big movements: “The whole country builds new countrysides”, “Vietnamese enterprises integrate and develop”, “The whole country hands in to support the poor – so that there is no one left behind.”

In general, the patriotic movements in the past decades has closely followed the practical requirements of the country, closely linked with the interests and life of people, contributing to the successful implementation of the objectives and the development of the country in all fields.

In the microfinance sector, particularly in Thai Nguyen branch of TYM MFI, Mrs. Dao Thi Yen, Deputy Director of Thai Nguyen Branch is an exemplary female working in the credit sector. Along with the development of the Thai Nguyen branch, she constantly strives to develop her abilities for many years; she finally won the title “excellent staff working at the field.”

Ms. Dao Thi Yen started working at Thai Nguyen branch in 2008, initially as a technical officer, one of the first TYM’s staffs in Thai Nguyen province. Mrs. Yen was not married at the time. She had a small figure and a beautiful oval face, especially her voice was very warm and inspirational. After many years of struggling, studying and improving knowledge, she has achieved encouraging results and was highly appreciated by TYM’s management. In 2009, she married and gave birth to a child. She always ensured that she fulfilled her job at TYM and her responsibilities as a daughter, a wife, a mother and a sister in her family.

By 2011, with the contribution to the development of Thai Nguyen branch in particular and the whole TYM in general, she was promoted as the Head of Transaction Office No. 01 in Thai Nguyen city. This was the year marking the continuous development of all staffs of this transaction office in Thai Nguyen city. They were the first generation of technical officers at the Transaction Office No. 01, directly working under the direction of Mrs. Yen.

In carrying out her duties, she has always taken the initiative in well advising TYM’s leaders and the Executive Board of the Trade Union, organizing and implementing meaningful and practical activities for TYM’s staff on the occasion of national holidays, days of microfinance industry. As a leader, she actively shares with her colleagues to solve problems and direct the operation of the transaction office. She also regularly researches and understands the rules and regulations of TYM, always tries to improve, accumulates work experience and offers suggestions and initiatives to improve efficiency and quality of the transaction office’s activities.

Along with the development of Transaction Office 1 of Thai Nguyen branch, there were times when her staff found that the spirit of work was not good because of many objective reasons. It was Mrs. Yen who motivated her staff. She always encouraged us, technical officers confided and shared her experiences as like a sister in TYM’s family. I cannot write all my feelings and respects for her. Despite the fact that the financial industry is inherently rigid, staff is always motivated by Mrs. Yen’s inspiration.

Working with Mrs. Yen, technical officers grew and became much more professional. We, technical officers, are always aware and responsible for every task she assigns which adheres to TYM’s slogan “committed, creative, and competent”.
At the end of 2011, Ms. Dao Thi Yen was appointed as Deputy Director of Thai Nguyen Branch. Stepping up to the new position is also the time she faces many new challenges, more difficult than before. However, in any position, she always performed and well fulfilled the roles and tasks assigned by leaders and organization. She is always exemplary, enthusiastic in cultural, sports, social activities. In relationship with colleagues, she is always interested, close and provides timely encouragement and support. She realized that every staff, especially credit officers, had to practice good moral qualities, actively learn to improve their legal knowledge.

In the work of the Trade Union, Mrs. Yen together with the Executive Board of the Trade Union in Thai Nguyen Branch carried out the  campaign “Study and follow Ho Chi Minh’s ideas, ethics and style.” In her work and life, she regularly practices, cultivates virtue and morality, starting from the smallest things such as observing and obeying the rules and regulations at work, protecting properties, living a simple, humble, honest life and being friendly with colleagues. She has her own active and efficient work style, and she is always committed to her assigned tasks.

The achievements of Ms. Dao Thi Yen and the women in microfinance today have contributed significantly to the development of the country in general and the microfinance industry in particular. She is a living proof of the vitality and diffusion of the emulation movement “succeeding at both work and at home” at Thai Nguyen branch.

And today, I am very honored to be here to write about Mrs. Yen, about the little lady that the staff of Thai Nguyen Branch always respect. Perhaps when writing these words, I cannot describe all of her contributions to the development of the Thai Nguyen branch. But I firmly believe that she is worthy of being a good example in the movement “Studying and following the ideals, morals and styles of Ho Chi Minh”.

Vu Thi Thu Yen


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