TYM successfully held a meeting for activities summary of 3rd quarter 2014 and defense of plan 2015


On 20, 21/11/2014, in Hanoi, TYM organized a meeting to summarize all activities throughout Q3/2014 and defend plan 2015

 Attending the meeting there were TYM’s Board of General Directors, managers and deputy managers of headquarter’s departments, branches’ Board of management and accountants, and all headquarter officers. In particular, there was the participation of Mr. Joerg Teumer – our friend as well as consultant from SBFIC.

After the opening ceremony, Manager of Research and Communication Department – Mr. Phung Dinh Kien reported TYM’s operational results in Q3 2014 and activities planned in Q4/2014. Through specific charts and data, the report stated how and to which extent each indicator was fulfilled by branches. The report also provided some unfinished targets and suggested a number of branches to review and take detailed actions to ensure the general growth and development till the end of the year. In the Q3/2014, TYM achieved some outstanding results as follows:

By the end of Q3/2014, TYM was covering 402 communes, 47 districts in 10 provinces/cities. TYM reached a total of 100,310 members, and 3,090 clients making of 95.6% compared to the plan. Its portfolio reached VND 686.5 billion, exceeding 2.8% of the plan.

The branches continuously promoted the mobilization of savings from members and clients in Q3. As a result, TYM achieved a total savings of over VND 363.5 billion, accounting for approximately 53% of loan portfolio.

Regarding community activities, 3 out of 11 branches handovered “social houses” for eligible members; 29 public education and health care facilities in TYM’s coverage localities were received with financial support for construction; 22 scholarships of “TYM – Creating wings for your dreams” was granted to poor members’ children with remarkable education results who passed entrance exams and were studying at universities and high schools. Also, in October in Hanoi, TYM in collaboration with Vietnam Women Newspaper awarded 10 scholarships to its poor members’ children with good learning achievements under the event of Mottainai with the theme of “Giving Love, Receiving Happiness”.

After the report, the branches took time to have their speeches and provide input, initiatives to reduce gaps, promote creativity and innovation of TYM’s activities towards the development of the whole organization in future.

After listening to the reports and opinions of the participants, Mrs. Duong Thi Ngoc Linh – Member of the Presidium of the Vietnam Women’s Union, General Director of TYM evaluated the obtained results, and recorded and collected all suggestions for management, organization, administration and monitoring of TYM’s activities. She praised the working attitude and spirit of all TYM staff from the headquarter to branches and transaction offices, but also kindly reminded the branches to make further efforts to ensure the achievement of set-out plans towards common goals of the entire organization by the year end, and also suggested research teams to continuous consider and improve some existing shortcomings of personnel procedures.

Defense of plan 2015 was the last part of the meeting. This part was coordinated by Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ha – Deputy Manager of Planning – Finance Department. With the methods of letting branch management be proactive in planning, and carefully listening to their views and decisions for the development of branches in the future, the operational plan 2015 had received high consensus of all branches’ board of management. This would be a prerequisite for the effective implementation and successful completion of the plan in the coming year.

Thu Hien


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