Case TYM members’s family at Cua Lo suffered a gas explosion on the boat

On March 10th 2019, on the way back from a fishing trip to Cua Lo town, Nghe An province, there were two men, husband of TYM members Nguyen Thi Ty and Vo Thi Hoai (members of TYM Nghi Loc branch), encountered a gas explosion and severe burns. They are currently being actively treated at the National Burn Institute (Hanoi). Both families fall in extremely difficult circumstances and lack money for medical treatment and living.

Family situation of the two families

– The family of Ms. Nguyen Thi Ty (TYM member of center 12, Hai Lam Residential Area, Nghi Hai ward) is recognized as the poor and in extremely bad circumstances. Ms. Ty’s husband (Mr. Nguyen Xuan Tuat – born in 1952) used to be a soldier and is infected with Agent Orange (Dioxin). All 4 children in the family have also been exposed to Agent Orange; 3 of them infected severely. The whole family is often exposed to illness. Ms. Ty’s daughter, who suffered from congenital cerebral palsy in 2018, was sexual harmed leading to unwanted pregnancy and childbirth; however, she is unable to take care of her own child. All the burdens of the family are put on the shoulder of Ms.Ty and her husband. The expenses for living and medical treatment are relied only on the government subsidy for victims of dioxin and the precarious earning from the fishing job of the husband. The accidents push the families become more and more difficult

– Ms. Hoai’s family (TYM member of center 4, Hai Binh Residential Area, Nghi Hai ward) is also struggling because of continuous risks. In 2018, during a sailing trip, her husband Ngo Xuan Truong (born in 1976) unfortunately suffered an accident and had to cut off one leg. Thus, the family, for a long time, has had to spend a lot on treating for him and maintaining of the boat although there is no user. At the end of 2018, a crewmember on his boat unfortunately drowned, and his family had to cover the cost for the victims’ family. In February 2019, Ms. Hoai herself got a fall from her bike and broke the feet’s bones. To date, she is still unable to walk and do business. The gas explosion caused Mr. Truong a burn of 30% and brain injury; 4 other members of her family were also injured (including Hoai’s father and relatives); the boat was seriously damaged.

After the accident, the local organizations such as the Youth Union, Nghi Hai Ward Women’s Union, Farmer’s Association, Cua Lo Town Fatherland Front visited and encouraged the victims’ families. Witnessing the difficult situation of the two families, mass organizations and individuals in Cua Lo town launched a donation program to support the victims of the explosion.

We look forward to receiving your donation to support TYM members’ families overcome this affliction.


For all support, please send to:

1. Ms. Nguyen Thi Ty’s family
– Phone number: 0398358013 (Ms. Ty)
– Address: Pham Nguyen Du Street, Hai Lam Residential Area, Nghi Hai Ward, Cua Lo Town, Nghe An Province (the house near the welcome gate of Hai Lam Residential Area – no house plate)
2. Ms. Vo Thi Hoai’s family
– Address: Hai Binh Residential Area, Nghi Hai Ward, Cua Lo Town, Nghe An
– Account number: 3602205109805 – Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank), Cua Lo branch, Nghe An
– Account holder: Võ Thị Hoài

3. In addition, TYM may represent receiving and transferring donations to the two families 

Information for bank transfer:
Account holder’s name: To chuc Tai chinh Vi mo TNHH MTV Tinh Thuong (TYM)
– Address of account holder: 20 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam
– Bank name: Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Hanoi branch – Ba Dinh transaction office
– Bank address: No. 51 Kim Ma Street, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam

a) In VND
Account number: 1503201028619
b) In EUR
Account number: 1503201027878
c) In USD
Account number: 1503201027832
d) In ¥
Account number: 1503201028943

Please specify the information of the recipient. For example, “Donation for Ms. Nguyen Thi Ty Cua Lo”

Sincerely thanks for your support!


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