Center leaders play an important role in TYM’s microfinancial activities at the field


Các cán bộ cụm tại Thái Nguyên hào hứng với buổi tập huấn kết hợp tham quan mô hình kinh tế

With a network of more than 5,000 center leaders at 22 TYM branches participating directly every day and ensuring an important role in grassroots activities, in 2024, TYM has developed a plan and implemented the exploitation of phrase training activities with many improvements and innovations.

In 3 days from June 15, 2024 to June 17, 2024, TYM – Thai Nguyen Branch, Thai Nguyen Province and TYM – Nam Truc Branch, Nam Dinh Province organized 4 training courses to improve knowledge about microfinance and TYM’s operations as well as phrase management and operation skills for nearly 400 center leaders of the two branches. This activity is part of the training plan, capacity building for customers and community activities in 2024. Thai Nguyen Branch and Nam Truc Branch are the first two units to organize this activity this year.

In addition to the main contents mentioned above, at the training sessions, the leaders of the Thai Nguyen City Women’s Union and the Giao Thuy District Women’s Union directly taught and shared with the trainees about the distribution work between TYM and the Union. Thereby, the center leaders understand the relationship between TYM and the Union, and at the same time take responsibility for themselves in performing these tasks. Organizing centralized training for center leaders from all branches in 2024 instead of organizing each area separately also helps center leaders have more opportunities to exchange and learn from each other’s experiences in the work of the VWU and TYM activities.

In particular, the content “TYM mobile app and instructions for cashless payment” is also the latest content with practical strength in the training program for center leaders this year.

Attending the training course in Giao Thuy district (Nam Dinh province), TYM Deputy General Director Phung Dinh Kien affirmed the important role of center leaders in TYM activities at the grassroots level. The sisters are the bridge between TYM and women. The Deputy General Director believes that the achievements that TYM has achieved to date are partly contributed by the cluster cadres, especially in the work of promoting and mobilizing women to participate in TYM to borrow capital, develop the economy, and improve the quality of life. At the same time, he also directly listened, received and answered students’ questions. The highlight of this year’s cluster cadre training program is that TYM organized for center leaders to visit typical economic models in the locality such as the tea factory and the ao dai factory. The activity is not only related to the purpose of learning about good models but also a thank you from TYM to the sisters for the efforts and attention that the sisters have given to TYM’s activities. This is an opportunity for women to learn knowledge and experience in production and business, which they can apply to their models/projects and share with female members and TYM customers.

With new innovations in the content and format of the program, TYM has received many positive responses from trainees and the local Women’s Union. This is the basis for TYM to develop a plan and complete the organization of the remaining training courses for more than 4,000 center leaders of 20 other branches in 2024.

The 2024 Center leaders training activity is part of TYM’s series of training activities for the position of center leaders for the 2021-2026 term. The 4 main contents of the 2024 training program include:

– Training on microfinance content; regulations on TYM activities; Improve knowledge, skills in operation, management, control of phrases and handling of common situations at the grassroots level for phrase cadres.
– Coordinate with the Vietnam Women’s Union to train on the cooperation program between TYM and the VWU.
– Organize study tours and practical experiences for phrase cadres, through activities, women can apply the knowledge learned into the production and business process, increase the purchase and sale of products to develop the economy together, improve life.
– Evaluate the results of the phrase’s activities in the middle of the term and develop a phrase’s action plan for the following years of the term.


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