This is the message of the series of events encompassing the 4th TYM Sports Competition, Folk Dance Competition, and various engagement and community activities organized by TYM spanning nearly three days from March 22 to March 24, 2024, in Sam Son city, Thanh Hoa province.

1. Embracing the spirit of “Solidarity – Innovation – Strength – Success”

Overview of the Opening Ceremony of the 4th Sports Competition

In Sam Son city, a series of activities with a focus on the 4th Sports Competition organized by TYM to foster enthusiastic team-building endeavors. This occasion served as a platform for TYM employees to showcase not only their sports talents with a spirit of solidarity and innovation but also to enhance their personal well-being, thereby fortifying the institution and achieving remarkable milestones. Moreover, it presented an opportunity to introduce and propagate the image, ethos, and cultural beauty of TYM to the local community and society at large, with the purpose and message of Connecting Love.
Attending the opening ceremony were distinguished guests including Ms. Pham Thi Thuy – Vice President of the Women’s Union of Thanh Hoa province, Mr. Le Trung Son – Permanent Deputy Secretary of Sam Son City Party Committee, Mr. Bui Quoc Dat, representing the People’s Committee of Sam Son city, and representatives of Sam Son city Women’s Union. From TYM side, notable figures included Ms. Dinh Thi Tuyet Nhung, Chairperson of TYM Board of Directors, Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Linh, General Director of TYM, members of the TYM’s Board, along with more than 600 delegates and athletes comprising TYM staff from 13 provinces/cities. In particular, there was the presence of Ms. Vu Thi Ngoc Loan, President of the Trade Union of the Central Vietnam Women’s Union.

Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Linh giving the opening speech at the opening ceremony of  the 4th TYM Sports Competition

In her opening speech, Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Linh – General Director of TYM emphasized “This event stands as a pivotal occasion, recurrently organized by TYM to stimulate and foster the movement of physical training and sports across TYM. The competition serves as a nexus of beliefs, solidarity, determination, and aspirations of TYM staff, providing a shared platform for collaboration, learning, cooperation, and fostering connections among TYM staff and the institution. This, thereby, effectively contributes to the advancement of women’s economic development, sustainable poverty reduction, and the overarching endeavor of nation-building and safeguarding.”

The 4th TYM Sports Competition marks a significant milestone in the development of the sports movement within TYM, demonstrating the commitment to effectively execute the campaign “All people exercise according to the example of the great Uncle Ho”. The competition includes 4 sports: Men’s football, women’s football, volleyball, and tug of war, featuring 46 teams from the Head Office and 22 branches.

Ensemble and folk dance performance at the Opening Ceremony

This special event commenced with a performance by 180 TYM staff followed by a folk dance by members of the Sam Son City Women’s Union, infusing the Opening Ceremony with vibrancy and color.

Following two qualifying rounds in the North and Central regions, the final round of the men’s and women’s football competition, alongside volleyball and tug of war, took place on March 23, 2024, in Sam Son, giving the audience beautiful, exciting and fiercely contested matches. The athletes exhibited remarkable determination and reached new records. That showed the vibrant sports spirit and robust health training movement within TYM.

Some pictures of the 4th TYM Sports Competition

In addition, TYM introduced innovations in sports and cultural activities this year, including the Folk Dance competition and team building initiatives. These competitions showcased the outstanding performances of each team, reflecting the qualities of TYM staff: “Creative – Committed – Competent”. Importantly, these activities fostered sociability among officers and units, reinforced solidarity within the institution, and strengthened officers’ pride in being part of TYM.

The three winners of the Folk Dance Competition performing at the Closing and Awarding Ceremony

Awarding prizes to winning teams

Some pictures of team building activities

2. Fostering connection through acts of gratitude and social responsibility

In addition to initiatives tailored for TYM staff, TYM demonstrated its social responsibility to the broader community, actively contributing to the key movements and endeavors championed by the Vietnam Women’s Union through various meaningful community engagements in Sam Son city.

Representatives of TYM, Thanh Hoa Provincial Women’s Union and leaders of Sam Son City Party Committee (Thanh Hoa) planted trees to pay tribute to Heroine of the People’s Armed Forces Nguyen Thi Loi

With the desire to join hands to build a green, clean, beautiful coastal city of Sam Son, TYM, with the consent and facilitation of the Party Committee and authorities of Sam Son city, planted 04 date palm trees at the Heroine monument Nguyen Thi Loi. This serves as a token of appreciation contributed by TYM staff from 13 provinces and cities, aligning with the cherished tradition of “Drinking water, remembering the source” and supporting the program “Million trees for a green Vietnam”. After the sports competition, more than 100 TYM staff continued to join hands with the city to clean up the environment in Sam Son beach area.

TYM joined hands with the city to clean up the environment of Sam Son beach area

Moreover, at the Opening Ceremony of the Sports Competition, TYM extended support towards the New Rural project by awarding aid to two medical stations in Quang Nham commune (Quang Xuong district) and Cac Son commune (Nghi Son town). At the same time, 10 gifts to children of clients in difficult circumstances were also given by TYM at the event. These initiatives are of TYM’s longstanding commitment to engage in community upliftment endeavors across the regions where TYM operates.

General Director of TYM, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the City Party Committee  presented support to medical stations 
General Director of TYM, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the City Party Committee, and Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee gave gifts to TYM clients’ children

Furthermore, in conjunction with the event, TYM also participated in the launching ceremony “All people exercise their bodies following the example of great Uncle Ho; Olympic running day for all people’s health in 2024”. More than 400 TYM officers enthusiastically participated in the run, “dyeing orange” Ho Xuan Huong street in the coastal city of Sam Son.

The series of activities encompassing the 4th TYM Sports Competition, the Folk Dance Competition, alongside various engagement and community activities, stand as meaningful occasions, offering TYM staff an avenue to unite, bond, and take pride in the institution’s 32-year journey of growth and development. These not only brought lasting memories but also demonstrated the cultural values of the institution, showcasing the collective strength and solidarity of TYM staff – a dedicated and committed team, perpetually striving for the development of Vietnamese women.


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