TYM members respond to the Women’s Entrepreneurship Competition in 2021


Responding to the Women’s Entrepreneurship Competition in 2021 launched by the Vietnam Women’s Union, TYM has mobilized and guided members in 13 provinces and cities to participate, sharing start-up ideas and projects.

Continuing to implement the project “Supporting women’s start-up in the 2017-2015 period”, the Central Vietnam Women’s Union held the Women’s Start-up Contest in 2021 with the theme “Start-up women to elevate brand of OCOP products” from February 15 to April 15, 2021.

Goals of the contest:

– Raising awareness for women and the whole society about the movement of women starting a creative start-up, creating an environment for poor, disadvantaged, disabled, HIV-affected women to live in the community … boldly participating in entrepreneurship, creating social impacts, contributing to economic development for individuals, family and country.

– Promoting the movement of women in rural areas to start a business, through the establishment of start-up businesses/cooperatives to create jobs and increase income for people, including women, contributing to effective implementation of the program “One commune one product.”

– Through contests, searching, selecting, and supporting potential and feasible projects to realize, to promote new establishment, development, and maintenance of efficiency of businesses/cooperatives managed by women.

– Strengthening resource connection, linking the startup ecosystem for women; organizing activities to call for investment, introducing products, supporting branding to attract a diverse range of women to participate in women’s startup activities and becoming members of the VWU.

– Promoting policy proposals to support women starting businesses and running a business effectively.

Fields of business eligible for participation in the contest:

– Production and business, giving priority to “one commune, one product program” (OCOP);

– Applying science and technology to create new products/services, aiming to solve problems of the community, contributing to creating breakthroughs and promoting socio-economic development.

Eligible participants:

– Women-owned/managed businesses/cooperatives or businesses/cooperatives with at least 50% of employees being vulnerable women or producing products/services for disadvantaged women;

– Unregistered businesses or registered household businesses:

  • Poverty reduction livelihood model has at least 2/3 of members belonging to poor households in border communes and extremely difficult communes;
  • Vulnerable women: women with disabilities, women affected by HIV, women reintegrating into the community;
  • Member of Tinh Thuong One Member Limited Liability Microfinance Organization (TYM);
  • Female student, groups of female students, trainees and groups of female vocational trainees who are attending universities, colleges and vocational schools across the country participating in the Women’s Entrepreneurship Contest held by the Vietnam Women’s Academy and Le Thi Rieng Technical School.

TYM members wishing to participate in the competition should contact TYM staff for information, conditions and competition rules.

In the Women’s Entrepreneurship Competition in 2020, Ms. Pham Thi Hong Nga and Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Phuong were two TYM members in Thai Nguyen who excellently passed many rounds of competition and won the awards “Connecting creativity, adding values to the community “and” Technology application to adapt and protect the environment “. The awards were a great motivator, not only helping Ms. Nga and Ms. Phuong to have more money to develop production and business activities, but also have opened more business opportunities. The two entrepreneurs have become a source of inspiration for many other women in this women’s startup movement. In 2021, TYM was assigned by the Vietnam Women’s Union to organize the 2021 Women’s Entrepreneurship Contest in collaboration with Support for women’s economic development Department of the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU).


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