TYM Pays Tribute to Heroic Martyrs in Thanh Hoa


On the afternoon of March 22, 2024, Tinh Thuong One member Limited liability Microfinance Institution (TYM) (an unit under the Vietnam Women’s Union) and the Sam Son City Women’s Union, solemnly conducted an incense offering ceremony alongside flowers laying and tree planting to honor the memory and express gratitude to Mr. Hero of the People’s Armed Forces Nguyen Thi Loi in Sam Son City, Thanh Hoa Province.

Gathering at the monument dedicated to the heroic martyr Nguyen Thi Loi (Sam Son City – Thanh Hoa Province), the delegation included representatives from the Central Trade Union of Vietnam Women’s Union, TYM, Women’s Union of Thanh Hoa province, leaders of the Party Committee, Sam Son City People’s Committee as well as members of the Vietnam Women’s Union at various levels. They revisited poignant and valiant accounts of Martyr and Hero of the People’s Armed Forces Nguyen Thi Loi. Notably, the heroine sacrificed herself with 30 kg of explosives, leading to the destruction of more than 200 enemy officers and their supplies aboard the French colonial battleship Amyot D’Inville, which sank in the waters off Sam Son.

During the ceremony, the Sam Son City Women’s Union and TYM expressed their steadfast determination to uphold the spirit of solidarity, collective endeavor, consensus-building, and resilience in overcoming difficulties and challenges to successfully fulfill all assigned tasks, especially the mission of supporting women.

Following the incense offering, the delegates planted trees as a gesture of gratitude near the heroine’s monument. The four date palm trees planted there were a contribution from TYM staff members across 13 provinces and cities, offered with profound respect.

The ceremony, commemorating and paying tribute to Hero of the People’s Armed Forces Nguyen Thi Loi, exemplifies the cherished tradition of “Drinking water, remembering the source” and “Repaying gratitude” while aligning with the national program “Millions of Green Trees – For a Green Vietnam”.


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