On 13-14 January 2020, TYM organized the 2019 Review Meeting and presentation of the 2020 business plan. The meeting was attended by TYM’s Board of General Directors and representatives of all TYM’s departments, units, branches and transaction offices in 13 provinces/ cities.

The year 2019 recognized TYM’s great efforts in all aspects of activities, reflected in the achievement of major targets, highly appreciated by the Central Vietnam Women’s Union and its partner organizations for its performance.
The biggest TYM’s achievement is the improvement of products and service quality. A series of changes in credit policy regulations were enacted such as the addition of disabled members, HIV-infected members or members with HIV-infected children and husbands to beneficiaries of of TYM’s Policy Loan product (Previously, policy loan is only for poor households as prescribed by law). In 2019, TYM also started providing loans to support members to overcome disaster risks and simultaneously reduced loan interest rates and increased loan size of multi-purpose loans in each loan cycle.

As of December 31, 2019, TYM has 165,970 members / customers, an increase of nearly 9,000 compared to 2018. During the year, TYM mobilized VND 1,699 billion from members and clients, thus, TYM have a stable source of fund and ensure loans for women with amount of more than VND 3,492 billion. With savings, TYM has not only really become a reliable place for people to save money but also increase their assets when TYM mobilized savings with competitive interest rates up to 8% / year for a period of 6 months).

In particular, 2019 is a year when TYM has fully utilized resources to promote support activities for women who are TYM members, their families and the community where TYM operates. Specifically:

  • Offering over 7,600 gifts to poor members and households
  • Awarding 30 subsidized shelters to poor member families, single moms
  • Free health checkup for more than 6,600 members
  • Organized nearly 100 training classes, 21 seminar classes and 44 delegations to visit typical economic models for TYM members and the Women’s Union at commune level
  • Connecting REMANn company to gift 100 laptops to TYM members for business activities
  • Granting 481 scholarships to children of poor members who have overcome difficulties to go to universities and high schools
  • Providing support to 67 health and education units in areas where TYM operates
  • Bringing 80 products of 30 TYM members to shops, fairs and events attended by TYM to introduce with the market
  • Organizing many cultural, arts, physical training and sports events for TYM members and Women ‘s members such as volleyball competitions, arts celebrations of major holidays, propaganda and learning contests with topic “Safe year for women and children”, cooking contests, …

In particular, TYM’s annual review meeting also spent time discussing the limitations in each activity of TYM, and at the same time find out innovations suitable for the coming years. TYM’s General Director Nguyen Thi Thu Hien affirmed that 2020 is the first year of a new decade in the 21st century – a year with many advantages but also many difficulties that require TYM staff to make efforts and breakthroughs: “Creativity to survive and to develop”.

Finally, the conference took time to commend the teams and individuals who have made outstanding achievements in 2019.

TYM’s Board of General Directors


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