Emulation Division of the Fatherland Front and its member organizations make important contributions to the prevention and control of Covid-19


At the Preliminary Conference on emulation activities in the first 6 months of 2020, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Chairman Tran Thanh Man emphasized that organizations in the Emulation Division had outstanding results, making important contributions to the whole country to prevent and fight diseases Covid-19. Tinh Thuong One Member Limited liabilities Microfinance Institution (TYM), under the Vietnam Women’s Union, has carried out practical and effective activities in the implementation of the dual goals.

On the afternoon of July 20, the Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, Vice Chairman of the Central Commission for Emulation and Reward Tran Thanh Man chaired the Preliminary Conference on emulation activities in the first 6 months of 2020.

Attending the conference were the Secretary of the Communist Party, President of the Vietnam Women’s Union Ha Thi Nga, Permanent Vice President of Vietnam Women’s Union Hoang Thi Ai Nhien and leaders of socio-political organizations and representatives of Union organizations.

Speaking at the preliminary meeting, Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee Chairman Tran Thanh Man noted and appreciated the outstanding results of the organizations, especially important contributions to the whole country to prevent and control Covid-19 epidemic.

Mr. Tran Thanh Man also noted that members of the Division should continue to monitor the implementation of the VND 62,000 billion support package of the Government so that the support money will reach the right people quickly. Member organizations must stick to the grass-root level in order to promptly grasp the thoughts, aspirations, difficulties, obstacles and recommendations of people and businesses, thereby reflecting to the Party and the Government for taking measures to promote production, business and stabilizing the people’s life.

Khối thi đua MTTQ và tổ chức thành viên đóng góp quan trọng trong phòng, chống dịch Covid-19 - Ảnh 1.

At the Conference, delegates discussed and exchanged experiences to further promote patriotic emulation movements and share experiences in implementing anti-epidemic tasks.

Sharing at the conference, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien, General Director of Tinh Thuong Microfinance Institution – TYM (under the Vietnam Women’s Union), said: “During the recent Covid-19 epidemic, TYM faced big challenges. TYM had to prevent the infection of the disease but also had to ensure effective operation. If TYM did not perform well both tasks of “prevention” and “stabilizing operation”, TYM’s credit activities and client members’ life would have been seriously affected. Since the outbreak, TYM has taken many proactive, comprehensive, synchronized and drastic measures to effectively implement both of these tasks. To date, TYM operates in 13 provinces and cities, serving more than 160,000 members/customers.

At the beginning of the outbreak in Viet Nam, TYM’s management board promptly issued a letter directing nearly 540 TYM staff to be proactive and serious in preventing epidemics for themselves and their families. At the same time, it is also responsible for propagating to all members/customers to implement measures to prevent infection in accordance with the guidance of the health authorities, to avoid gathering in close contact. In addition, TYM reviewed the policies of center meetings, asking branches to organize center meetings only when absolutely necessary.

Khối thi đua MTTQ và tổ chức thành viên đóng góp quan trọng trong phòng, chống dịch Covid-19 - Ảnh 2.

At the time of implementing the social distancing in accordance with the Prime Minister’s Directive No. 16 of March 31, TYM agreed to suspend the collection operation until April 15 and set up a plan to arrange appropriate staff to work.

Realizing that its members are facing many difficulties, TYM has urgently researched and decided to issue a support package “TYM support members”. Accordingly, about VND 1,400 billion is used for new lending with interest rates lower than current rates. At the same time, TYM also cut down non-urgent expenses to support 1,200 poor women members with 10 kg of rice/person…

In the new normal state, TYM has always mastered the spirit of performing both the tasks of “continuing to prevent the epidemic” and “maintaining effective operation and determination to complete the set plan”.

The preliminary report on the emulation of the Division stated that in the first 6 months of 2020, the situation of Covid-19 epidemic was complicated. The emulation division has clearly shown its role, responsibility, accompanies the whole country to join hands in preventing and fighting Covid-19 disease and realizing the dual goal.

According to Pham Duc Toan, Deputy Head of Emulation and Reward Department, in the coming time, the member units in the Division should continue to organize the implementation of emulation movements with rich forms and realistic content. It is necessary to continue responding to the effective implementation of 4 emulation movements launched by the Prime Minister, with a focus on the implementation of the second phase of the movement “Building a new countryside” for the 2020-2025 period; the movement “Vietnamese enterprises integrate and develop”; improve the effectiveness of the emulation movement “The whole country joins hands for the poor – No one is left behind.”

Source:  phunuvietnam.vn


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