We support our Member’s micro-enterprises with our Business Development Services. Recently we have opened Viet Center for Assistance and Research (CAR) to support our budding women entrepreneurs. 


The Viet Center for Assistance and Research (CAR) is responsible for conducting research and developing capacity building activities which support women micro-entrepreneurs. CAR works with low-income women who are contributing to reaching national development goals in Vietnam. The Center empowers women by providing research activities, business skills training, production support, and safe business models.  In particular, CAR helps them reach new customers and expand markets in order to add value to their products and in turn enhance their quality of life.


  • Community development research projects that promote sustainable livelihoods and respect the environment
  • Training services and activities that strengthen knowledge and skills
  • Volunteer activities that support communities
  • Business Development Services (BDS) ranging from consulting services that support women by linking business to improving product quality and increasing   product value  and sales
  • Development and implementation of community support projects that promote environmentally friendly practices and clean technologies.

Check out their high-quality ethical products at the CAR Community Outlet or the CAR Facebook Outlet.