Member: Doan Thi Hoa

Age: 34

Living: Hamlet 9 Giao Ha commune, Giao Thuy district, Nam Dinh

TYM’s “Warm Shelter” – not just a house…

On July 15, 2020, TYM cooperated with the Women’s Union of Giao Thuy district (Nam Dinh province) to hold the handover ceremony of “Warm Shelter” for Mrs. Doan Thi Hoa – member of TYM and WU in Giao Ha commune (Giao Thuy, Nam Dinh). The house called “Warm Shelter” was built with the support of TYM, the Women’s Union of the commune, as well as her relatives and neighbors.At the age of only 30, Mrs. Doan Thi Hoa (Hamlet 9, Giao Ha commune, Giao Thuy, Nam Dinh) unfortunately became a widow, raising two small children on her own. She got married in 2012. Although the young couple did not have much money, they always try and work hard to save for the future. In 2018, when her family’s life gradually became stable, her husband suddenly suffered from health problem. At that time, Hoa became the breadwinner and took care of her husband and children. She even had to borrow money to cover medical expenses. Seven months later, her husband did not pull through, which not only was a big loss to the family but also left a debt of VND 250 million, putting the family in a more difficult situation than ever. Hoa then had to take care of her elderly mother-in-law and two children on her own.
In 2019, when TYM expanded its operation to Giao Ha commune, Hoa borrowed VND 10 million with weekly repayment to trade fruits at the market to make a living and pay debts. Her small business was not very profitable, even more difficult in 2020 due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. Hoa and her mother-in-law had to be even more diligent, cultivating 720 square meters of rice, raising a few pigs and chickens, and growing more vegetables at the same time to sell at the market for some extra money. The skinny shoulders of the 30-year-old woman were burdened with more and more difficulties, but she never gave up. Seeing her family living in a four-level tiled house as old as her, Hoa was not at ease. The walls made of lime sand were broken; the floor was cracked; the windows and doors were all makeshift; the entire house was not safe enough for the family of five to live in. The house could not shelter them from the weather: It was hot in the sun, soaking when it rained, and freezing when the weather was cold. In addition, before her husband passed away, he had only one wish that his family could live in a new, solid, and safe house. Hoa was therefore motivated to fulfill her husband’s will. However, buying a piece of land was a luxury dream for her at that time, let alone building a new house, as she could hardly even make end meets and pay debts. It seemed to take her forever to fulfill her husband’s will. However, it came as a surprise that Hoa could fulfill that dream earlier than expected.

Ngôi nhà cũ của chị Hoa đã bị xuống cấp nghiêm trọng

Considering the extremely difficult situation of Hoa’s family, in 2020, TYM provided her family with VND 40 million to build a new house. Together with TYM, the new house was built with the cooperation and unanimity of local authorities, the Women’s Union at all levels, Hoa’s relatives and neighbors. Some people support her with money, others help with the house construction. Finally, the Warm Shelter was completed – a new house, though not very big and convenient, it was spacious, clean and especially solid and safe enough for her family to live in. On the handover day of the “Warm Shelter”, Hoa could not help feeling touched and expressed her deep gratitude to TYM as well as the people who have supported her during the past time to build a new house.
“This house is a dream to a single mother like me, which without everyone’s help, could not have been accomplished,” she said. “Now that the whole family is living in this solid house, I finally feel at ease as I have fulfilled my husband’s will. I seem to have more motivation to continue to strive for a better life and nurture my children.”