Press conference to launch the book “I’m home” and review the campaign to raise money for disadvantaged women


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Press conference to launch the book “I’m home” and review the campaign to raise money for disadvantaged women

Time: 9:30 am – 11:30 pm, Tuesday, June 9, 2020.

Venue: Conference Room at Center for Women and Development, 20 Thuy Khue, Hanoi.

Introduction of the book “I’m home”

Name of book: I’M HOME – a collection of sketches by Nguyen Tang Quang during his quarantine time in Covid-19 epidemic

With the support of international students in the Vietnamese – English translation:

Revised: Nguyen Quoc Hung, MA.

I’m home – a collection of sketches by a repatriated student Nguyen Tang Quang during his quarantine time in Ho Chi Minh city. When the Covid 19 epidemic broke out, those people were confronted with the question: Stay or return? Self-defense or complete confidence in the direction of the government? And after those concerns, they returned, left their own jobs, and voluntarily seriously isolated. Then, after 14 days of isolation, they realized: “After so many aspirations of flying and dancing of youth, life events help us to love and cherish the holiness and warmth of the word “family”,” fatherland “and gratitude to those who loved us unconditionally” (Tang Quang).

“I’m home” not only reflects the life and activities in the quarantine area but also shows the value of “human love” in the event, about how to choose an attitude, about how to adapt to the situation, about optimism, love of life, about gratitude … Above all, Nguyen Tang Quang’s paintings and other articles in the book truly recorded “imprints” about a historic “slice”. The painting also acknowledges the devoted and courageous contributions of the doctors on the front lines against epidemics, the unmanageable sacrifices and hardships of the soldiers, the police, and many of those on duty.

The title of the book “I’m home” was inspired by the sharing of a mother whose children studied abroad in Spain, once in the isolation area of ​​the 390th Army – Thanh Hoa. 3 weeks after the student returned safely in the arms of the family, the mother just breathed a sigh of relief, recounting her daughter’s difficult journey home. They bought plane tickets but they could not check in, the student and a few other friends thought the way home was blocked. In that situation, many people gave up. But with the belief that the GOVERNMENT OF VIETNAM HAS NOT LEFT ANYONE BEHIND, the little students struggled to the end to claim the right to board the plane. Her faith, her longing for HOME has paid off: not only her but her fellow students also got on that plane to go home.

GOING HOME, BUT GETTING HOME right after they arrived Vietnam, international students and people on the flight were taken to the quarantine area. They could barely see their loved ones through the glass at the airport. Although the quarantine area was not home, but for the expatriates returning at that time, the quarantine area was almost home. “The isolation journey was a really meaningful time. For me, after a long time just knowing how to study and work, when I was isolated from myself after hearing invaluable lessons about life, it turned into a real vacation and changed my mind a lot.”

“I’m home” is not only the ultimate happiness of a mother, but also the expectation of so many other mothers, when their children are still wandering in foreign countries. HOME is an uppercase word, HOME is HOMELAND, COUNTRY. HOME is also the second HOME of foreigners who are devotedly cared for by Vietnamese doctors and people in the quarantine area and at the hospital. They also appeared in the picture diary of “I’m home.”

The BEST of the book “I’m home:”

It is the fastest published book with the maximum reasonable of human resources of the Vietnam Women’s Publishing House: From when having the idea, contact the author and the time of printing within 1 month.
This is the book that is most supported by the community: the author donated a part of his royalties, international students supported with translation, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hung MA edited the English part, and KOLs supported with communication and information on personal pages, newspaper reporters and radio supported with the mass media (more than 50 articles, TV shows and news programs) …
It is the first book of the Vietnam Women’s Publishing House that has been sold since the book was still in draft: readers have to transfer money in advance to support the campaign to sell books to raise funds for disadvantaged women.

Fundraising book sales campaign

The Women Publishing House, in collaboration with Tinh Thuong One Member Limited Liability Microfinance Institution (TYM), organized a campaign to sell books to raise money to support the disadvantaged women after the Covid-19 epidemic.

Vietnam Women’s Publishing House and TYM set initial goals:

Selling 1,000 books to raise funds within 03 months (from 7/5 to 7/8), each book sold for 80,000 VND. 50,000 VND will be contributed to the fund to support 20 women members of TYM with difficult circumstances.

In fact, after 02 weeks of launching the campaign, the Vietnam Women’s Publishing House and TYM finished the campaign with the number of books purchased (transferred in advance) exceeding the target:

  • Target:

Selling 1,000 books, each worth VND 80,000 and deducting VND 50,000 into the Fund.

Objective: support 20 disadvantaged women (the list provided by TYM), each woman receives VND 2,500,000.

  • Result

Total amount collected: VND 105,030,000.

Total number of books sold online: 1272 books.

Total amount raised to support disadvantaged women: VND 66,870,000.

Amount of money donated to each disadvantaged woman from selling books: VND 3,300,000 / person.

The Vietnam Women’s Publishing House and TYM would like to thank the journalists’ companionship for spreading information to domestic and foreign readers!

Some photos of the event on June 9, 2020:



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