As a part of the Asia Pacific Finance Summit, on March 23rd, a delegation made up of , leaders, CEOs and senior executives from AP Financial Institutions, paid a visit to TYM (Tinh Thuong One-member Limited Liability Microfinance Organization founded by the Vietnam Women’s Union) in Phuc Yen, Vinh Phuc and Me Linh distric, Ha Noi.

During the fieldtrip, the visitors participated in an informative session about TYM in which many questions were asked about credit methods and loan interest rates for such the target groups as poor, near-poor, disadvantaged women, and micro-enterprises.

The group also showed interest and satisfaction concerning savings products that TYM offers to assist members form saving habits.

Besides, the delegation highly appreciated the value of TYM capacity building programs. As for the TYM Team, beyond financial assistance (Give a woman “a fish”), it is important to provide them necessary knowledge and skills to start-up and manage business effectively (teach a woman to fish).


The delegation taking a group photo with members at center 40 in Yen Diem village

The group was excited to join in the 20th anniversary meeting of group 40 in Yen Diem hamlet, Cao Minh village, Phuc Yen. The festive atmosphere and cultural performances not only helped delegators understand the general contents of a group meeting but also kept them engaged.

During the fieldtrip, the participants were able to visit several TYM members’ families,

The delegation visiting TYM member’s farm –  Mrs Bùi Thị Bảo group 3, Me Linh branch

The first visit was to meeting Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa, born in 1975, TYM member at group 45 in Duc Cung hamlet, Cao Minh village, Phuc Yen. The guests expressed their deepest sympathy for her difficult situation. Ms. Hoa who was a single mother of two children responsible for taking care of her aged mother alone when she developed a hopeless disease. As a TYM member, she was cared for by the organization and was able to borrow two kinds of loans: VND 15 million of funding preferential for poor households which she used to invest in growing rice and vegetable; and VND 15 million of consumption funding which she used to pay for her child’s study, family expenses and for her treatment.

Answering one of the questions from the delegators – What have you gained by joining TYM? Ms. Hoa confided: “I have received a great deal, not only the capital to help me out of difficulties and improve our household finances , but also the opportunity to exchange experiences and get support from  other group members. I have also been given a chance to join training classes about using funds for the right purpose and how to apply science and technology into husbandry and manufacturing.

Mr. Bob Summer – CEO of MicroCapital, USA congratulate the 20th birthday of group 40, Phuc Yen branch

Speaking on behalf of the delegation Mr. Bob Summer – CEO of MicroCapital, USA congratulate the 20th birthday of  group 40, Phuc Yen branchSpeaking on behalf of the delegation Mr. Bob Summer- CEO of MicroCapital, USA – expressed his feelings about the fieldtrip and saying that  his observations left him with a deeper understanding about how women went through hardships; he was also impressed by TYM’s activities and spoke of apply the lessons learnt when he returned home.

Tinh Thuong One-member Limited Liability Microfinance Organization (TYM) under the Vietnam Women’s Union has the strives to be one of best microfinance organizations in Vietnam, providing top microfinance service for low-income individuals and households especially for poor and marginalized women, helping them to improve life quality and enhancing their position in society. 

-TYM Fund’s financial products includes: policy fund, economic development fund, consumption fund, housing fund and investment fund.

-Until December 2015, the total funds disbursed and outstanding had reached VND 1,653 billion and VND 863 billion respectively. The rate of repayment had always been maintained at 99.99%. 117,735 women borrowed loans, 2,341 of who were poor and marginalized.

– Secure savings options combined with simple procedures and insured by the Government; mutual assistance programs help clients feel secure when they or their families get into trouble.

– In 2015, TYM supported 4,863 circumferences including 4,004 hospitalization cases with total insured amount worth over VND 4.4 billion.



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