Fieldtrip to an Eco-Garden Economic Model

On the 14th of August 2018, Transaction Office 02 of TYM’s Bac Ninh branch organized a study tour for TYM’s members to the eco-garden economic model of member Nguyen Thi Phan in center 49, La Miet village, Yen Giang commune, Que Vo district, Bac Ninh province.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Phan is a member of TYM since 2015. With the determination to have a decent living, her family contracted over 25,200 m 2 to develop the model of ecological garden.

Mrs. Phan was happy to show the visitors her 10,000 m 2 eco-garden of Thai jackfruit, apple, avocado, lemon … She shared that her family bought soya beans to fertilize the trees so that they produce better quality fruits. She also raises chicken to make the most of out of the land. Besides, the family takes advantage of the lake area over 15.200m 2 for shrimp and fish pond. Annually, after deducting expenses, she earns from VND 220- 250 million.

The fieldtrip to Mrs. Phan’s farm helped TYM members have more knowledge and experience in growing crops, fish and shrimp efficiently. All visitors recognized that this is a sustainable economic development model in households, which also can create jobs for members of the family and increase revenues.

Pictures of fieldtrip:

New subsidized home for member Do Ngoc Thuy

On the 29th of August 2018, TYM’s Bac Ninh branch held the ceremony to gift a subsidized home to the family of Mrs. Do Ngoc Thuy, TYM’s member in center 65, Do Xa zone, Bac Ninh City.

TYM’s Bac Ninh branch gifted a subsidized home to Mrs. Do Ngoc Thuy

Mrs. Do Ngoc Thuy’s family is one of the poor households with particularly difficult circumstances in the locality. Her husband died long time ago. Her eldest sick child also died. She has to raise her 2 children by herself. Her second son is also weak. He was married to a woman infected with Agent Orange so their children are ill. As a result, despite the fact that Mrs. Thuy is almost 60 years old but is still raising three grandchildren at school-age. The main source of family income comes from her son’s employment and her job as a cleaner. However, this money is just enough to cover daily expenses.  Her family’s 30 m 2 house is dilapidated without toilet. Therefore , Mrs. Thuy and her family has dreamed of a decent house but it seems impossible.

Until the beginning of 2018, Mrs. Thuy was deeply touched when Bac Ninh branch announced that TYM will support the family with VND 40 million to build a new home. After more than three months, with the help of TYM, her cousins and local mass organizations, the house of her family was completed.

On August 29, 2018, TYM held a handover ceremony to gift the house to Mrs. Phan’s family with the presence of the chairwoman of Bac Ninh Women’s Union, local authorities and other TYM members in the community.

TYM and Women’s Union of Bac Ninh city handed the gift to Mrs. Do Ngoc Thuy

At the handover ceremony, Mrs. Thuy was very happy to receive the new house. She was grateful for TYM’s and local authorities’ who created conditions for her family to have a more spacious home to live peacefully. Sharing the joy of having a new home, her son said,” I’m so happy, I’ve never been in a nice house like this.”

TYM’s subsidized home is not only of material value but also has great spiritual meaning.The program demonstrates the sharing and support of TYM with poor members and their families in order to help them stabilize their lives and motivate them to continue working for their family’s economic development.


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