TYM’s 2015 Annual Meeting


During 21-22 January 2016, in Hanoi, TYM organized successfully the annual meeting to review activities in 2015 and prepare orientation for 2016. Attending the meeting there were Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien – Member of the Board of Directors of TYM, Head of the Planning – Finance Section of the Central VWU; TYM’s Board of Management; Department Manager, Deputy Manager, officers of the head office; and all branch directors and transaction office heads.

An evaluation report of TYM’s 2015 operational results was presented at the meeting. Particularly, remaining weaknesses and problems of the institution was focused to analyze and discuss for solutions and overcoming in the near future. Many specific solutions were proposed and received high consensus of all participants.

As reported, during 2015, TYM fulfilled all important targets such as development of members and clients, disbursement, savings mobilization etc. Specifically: the total number of members and clients reached 117,735, equal to 100.5% compared to the plan; loans disbursed and savings mobilized achieved VND 1,653 billion (106.2% of the plan) and VND 561 billion (113.8% of the plan) respectively. By the end of 2015, TYM’s total loan outstanding reached VND 863 billion; savings balance increased 39% compared to 2014, accounting for over 67% out of the total loan portfolio.

Mrs. NguyenThi Thu Hien – Member of TYM’s Board of Director, Head of Planning – Finance Section of the Central VWU was having speech at the meeting

Mrs. Duong Thi Ngoc Linh – Member of the Presidium of the Central VWU, General Director of TYM was having speech at the meeting

During the year, TYM continued to organize many meaningful support activities for its members, clients, and local areas. TYM offered free healthcare to 5,000 members; supported in construction of 12 social houses; contributed to 14 schools and health centers under the “New Rural Areas” program; held 62 specialized classes for nearly 6,000 core members. Especially, during the year, TYM organized 17 study tours for members to visit such typical economic models as Dong Tao chicken raising, worm farming, and closed VAC (garden-pond-cage) model. It also held a literacy class for 50 members in Dien Chau district – Nghe An province.

During the past years, the coordination between TYM and local WUs has also become more stable. Such the fruitful coordination and the close guidance of the WUs have contributed positively to the above achievements of TYM.

Listening to the report and opinions of the participants, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien – member of TYM’s Board of Directors expressed her appreciation and impression with the results and achievements of TYM in the past year. She also directed TYM to quickly solve the problem of membership drop out as well as stick to the set-out plan in order to achieve high performance in the coming year.

To conclude the meeting, Mrs. Duong Thi Ngoc Linh – Member of the Presidium of the Central VWU cum TYM’s General Director acquired Mrs. Hien’s direction, and praised the achievements of branches and individuals during the year, particularly for their fulfillment of membership target after years of effort. To plan for 2016, she noted that one of important tasks was to control better the drop out rate. She also emphasized that 2016 would be the year of information technologies and improvement of working quality.

TYM’s Board of Management were awarding certificates of merit to outstanding branches

Mr.Joerg Teumer – German expert was presenting certificates of merit to two outstanding individuals in 2015: Ms. TranThi Loan (left) – typical example of the year and Ms. Dang Thi Vinh (in red dress) – WPF’s top 2015 Asia Field Officer

In the meeting, 15 branches and 2 individuals were recognized and honored for their outstanding achievements during the year. They included Dien Chau branch recognized as the most outstanding branch in 2015, and Ms. Tran Thi Loan – officer of Planning – Finance Department – acting director of Hai Hau branch as the typical example of 2015, and particularly Ms. Dang Thi Vinh – technical officer of Nghi Loc branch in Nghe An province as WPF’s top 2015 Asia Field Officer under the second Field Officer Appreciation Awards for Asia/Pacific Region by Whole Planet Foundation, and among others.

Earlier, in 12 coverage provinces/cities of TYM, the branches, in coordination with Provincial Women’s Unions, organized successfully annual conferences to summarize activities in 2015 and prepare orientation for 2016.



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