Visit of leaders of the Vietnam Women’s Union to TYM branches


On September 26, 2020, the Secretary of the Party Committee, the President of the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) Ha Thi Nga visited and met with the Management of TYM branches in Nghe An province.

Photo: Sharing of the VWU President Ha Thi Nga in the meeting with TYM officers in Nghe An

After listening to the report on the performance of TYM in Nghe An, the VWU President had a few words to share with TYM officers at the meeting. Accordingly, she highly appreciated the efforts of TYM officers in recent years. At the same time, she affirmed that TYM and the VWU are one and this should be permeated into all relevant activities. She hoped that the Women’s Union at all levels would facilitate and link the activities of the Union and TYM with each other. “TYM has made significant and important contribution to improving the quality of the Union’s activities and TYM is an effective model”, Ms. Ha Thi Nga emphasized.

The VWU President Ha Thi Nga, met with TYM staff members in Nghe An on September 26, 2020.

In her speech, Ms. Ha Thi Nga also provided orientation for TYM’s operation in the future. “In Vietnam, there is only a few of MFIs that are able to operate in a sustainable and effective manner as TYM – VWU. However, there is still a very long journey with various challenges. Not only in words, but our tasks are to prove this model where women can trust in. This model (TYM) is really an effective tool for the Union at all levels to perform well its role that is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of women and promote gender equality” she said.

At the end of the meeting, she hoped that TYM would continue to promote its role in supporting women, especially poor and low-income women, during their journey to reach the common prosperity of the country.

The lantern made of recycled materials were displayed at the workplace by TYM’s officers of Hung Nguyen branch

Earlier, on September 24, 2020, President Ha Thi Nga also visited and met with TYM staff members in Nam Dinh province.

The VWU President Ha Thi Nga met with TYM officials in Nam Dinh on September 24, 2020

Also on September 24, 2020, on her business to Thanh Hoa province, the VWU Vice President Tran Thi Huong paid a visit and met with TYM staff members there.

Phó chủ tịch Hội LHPN Việt Nam Trần Thị Hương đến thăm và động viên, khuyến khích các cán bộ TYM tại Thanh Hóa.

The timely caring of the VWU leaders in these days is a great source of encouragement, helping TYM overcome imminent difficulties and continue steadily stepping on the journey for the comprehensive development of women.


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