Member: Doan Thi Loan

Age: 63


Nam Dinh farmer and her journey to get rich from raising rabbits

For nearly 6 years, Ms. Doan Thi Loan, a member of center 55, area 1, Ngo Dong town, Giao Thuy district, Nam Dinh province has made her mark with rabbit farming and created success in her homeland.

Visiting Ms. Loan’s farm, we were surprised because this petite woman is the owner of a rabbit farm of more than 800 rabbits. Ms. Loan confided that she was originally a worker on a pig and rabbit farm in the southwest suburbs of Hanoi. However, in 2018, because of the blue ear disease, the farm had to close, so she returned home. After more than a decade of working with this job, she decided to build her first rabbit farm in her hometown. In 2019, she joined TYM and availed her first loan of VND 30 million to buy breeding animals and start a farm.

Rabbit cages on Ms. Doan Thi Loan’s farm.

Ms. Loan shared that up to now she has been with TYM for more than half a decade, going through 5 loan cycles, and the highest amount of loan she is borrowing is 50 million VND. With a loan from TYM, she has more capital to buy more tools and equipment for rabbit farming, which is inherently quite expensive. For example, in the first round of loan, she bought 10 pairs of breeding rabbits and bought materials to build a house system and install an electricity and water system. In the second loan cycle, her family completed the BIOGA tank system, expanded the scale of the cage, and bought more cages and breeds. Just like that, from TYM’s business profits and capital and effective financial management experience, her farm system has now been completed and her income has gradually stabilized. She also built a new house to replace the previous dilapidated house. Sharing about the good things about borrowing money at TYM, she always smiled and said: “I don’t know what to say, TYM supported me right when I was in dire need of capital. Furthermore, TYM creates conditions for us to repay gradually, reducing the burden, coming to our home to do the documents for us and not having to pay any filing fees. Honest farmers like us are very satisfied with these points.” Sharing about the method of depositing savings at TYM, she said: “We deposit from very small amounts at TYM to build savings habits, gradually accumulate capital, and be ready to respond to unforeseen risks” in life. Convenient deposits and withdrawals at local centers (transaction points) help us save time and procedures. That is the reason why I chose to stay with TYM for such a long time.”

At the end of the visit, we could not help but admire the creativity of this sincere farmer. In the context of an outbreak of blue ear disease in pigs, Ms. Loan found the solution to raise rabbits and take advantage of agricultural products to raise livestock, enriching herself in her homeland. President Ho Chi Minh’s words about the importance of farmers in the revolution and transformation of agriculture from low to high, through the creative hands of Ms. Loan, were once again affirmed: “Our farmers are also heroes!”

Tong Thi Giang

Transaction Office 02, TYM – Nam Truc Branch