Member: Dương Thị Thịnh

Age: 53

Living: Truc Ninh distric, Nam Dinh province

Ms. Duong Thi Thinh has become a TYM client since 2013. Since her enrollment in 2013, she has been an unwavering client of TYM, steadfastly navigating its programs and services, which have served as a vital platform for women empowerment over the past decade.

Ms. Thinh engaged with TYM as a center leader as well as a borrower, availing small loans to fuel her business. Despite her prior experience working with women, assuming the role of a center leader presented its challenges. Through her efforts and determination, Ms. Thinh has not only adeptly fulfilled her responsiblilities but has emerged as one of TYM’s exemplary center leaders in recent years.

Over the course of more than 10 years with TYM, Ms. Thinh’s journey from borrowing modest amounts to accessing the maximum amount of micro-loans reflects her remarkable growth. Presently, she is the owner of a famous tailor shop in Co Le, employing 5 assistant workers. TYM’s financial support has enabled her to buy necessary tools and raw materials for her tailoring business. Her diverse range of products, including dresses and ao dai, etc., cater to the clothing, fashion, and aesthetic preference of local women.

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Ms. Thinh assumes leadership roles within her community, serving as the leader of Women’s Union in her village and holding the position of Executive Committee of the Women’s Union of Co Le town, in addition to her membership in the local Party. Excelling in her civic duties, Ms. Thinh effectively balances her commitments to the community and TYM.

In recognition of her commendable achievements, Ms. Thinh was one of 30 outstanding clients honored by TYM during its 30th-anniversary celebration in 2022. These individuals, including Ms. Thinh, exemplify effective capital utilization, resilience, and transformative change in their journey towards poverty alleviation, expansion of business endeavors, and job creation. Ms. Thinh, alongside other women, remains actively engaged in TYM’s initiatives and contributes significantly to the endeavors of both TYM and the Vietnam Women’s Union.