From May 6, 2024, TYM continues to reduce lending interest rates for individual customers with production and business activities, thereby creating favorable conditions for women to access capital, contributing to promoting economic growth.

Implementing the Prime Minister’s policy and the direction of the State Bank of Vietnam, to actively promote safe and effective credit focusing on priority areas, demonstrating efforts and determination to contribute to the common goal of supporting the economy to recover and develop production and business. As one of the organizations in the credit institution system, TYM has recently implemented many solutions to share difficulties with customers. Although TYM has only entered the second quarter of 2024, TYM has already made the third reduction in lending interest rates in 2024. Specifically, TYM continues to adjust its lending interest rate policy for economic development loan with a decrease of 0.6 %/year. In particular, borrowers in priority areas serving agricultural and rural development continue to enjoy preferential interest rate policies of only 0.047%/week.

In addition, to create favorable conditions for customers when taking out loans, TYM also reduced the minimum balance of compulsory savings to from 3 -5%.

With the adjustment of credit policies, TYM shares difficulties, supports people, business households and micro-enterprises to minimize loan costs and promptly supplement capital to develop production activities. business.

In recent times, TYM has continuously made research efforts to improve and develop loan products, thereby helping many women have the opportunity to access capital more easily and conveniently.

Advantages of TYM capital products:

TYM offers 10 loan products divided into two groups as follows:

  • Loans for micro customers (from 1-50 million VND)

+ Policy loan;

+ Loan to support near-poor households;

+ Economic Development loan;

+ Multi-purpose loan;

+ Housing loan;

+ Loan fornatural disaster risk recovery;

+ Loan to support members affected by the epidemic;

+ Salary based loan;

+ Credit line loan.

  • Loans for other customers (from 51-100 million VND)

+ Investment loan;

+ Loans for job creation.

  • Simple loan and repayment procedures: When customers register for a loan, TYM staff come directly to their home to advise and evaluate the application. Customers do not pay any fees.
  • 100% of TYM’s credit products do not require collateral;
  • Stable, long-term capital source;

Flexible and convenient repayment.


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