Member: Kieu Thi Tinh

Age: 75

Living: Yen Hau village, Hoa Tien commune, Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province

13 years of winning the title of outstanding center leader

Mrs. Kieu Thi Tinh, leader of center 71, Yen Hau village, Hoa Tien commune (Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province) is nearly 70 years old this year but is still very enthusiastic with her work as a center leader. Mrs. Tinh joined TYM since TYM started operating in Hoa Tien commune in 2008, 13 years with TYM is 13 years she won the title of outstanding center leader.

Joining TYM since the early days of establishment with many difficulties because women did not understand about TYM’s activities, she and TYM staff came to mobilize each woman in the village to join TYM. Initially, center 71 only had 20 members, now the number of members of center 70 is 70. Although Mrs. Tinh is nearly 70 years old, she is still very clear, agile, energetic and enthusiastic about TYM’s activities. The regulations and policies of TYM are promptly and accurately propagated to members, the books at center 70 are carefully and accurately recorded by Mrs. Tinh; members are regularly guided to use loans for the right purposes and effectively by her. Therefore, Mrs. Tinh is trusted and loved by the members of center 70.

Not only is she an excellent center leader, she is also a bright example of family economic development. Mrs. Tinh and her husband were both born and raised in a family of poor and hardworking farmers, so the couple had taken care of themselves since their early days of building a family. In 2008, when TYM’s activities started in the village, Mrs. Tinh discussed with her husband and children about taking out an economic development loan of VMD 5 million from TYM, along with the family’s savings, they invested in raising 1 sow, 50 chickens and did other side jobs. Seeing that the husbandry was effective, she borrowed the next round of loan with the amount of VND 20 million and then increased to VND 30 million to expand the scale of livestock production, build a biogas cellar to treat waste in livestock, and limit pollution. Environmental pollution helps the family save on fuel costs.

With diligence, hard work, dare to think, dare to do, Mrs Tinh’s family has improved significantly after 13 years. Currently, Mr. Tinh has a spacious, fully furnished house with a stable income. Her four children have good jobs and have built their own families.

It can be said that Mrs. Kieu Thi Tinh is one of TYM’s outstanding typical center leaders, an example of diligence and creativity in production, knowing how to get rich righteously. Her achievements today are truly admirable, contributing to enhancing the beautiful image of a gentle and courageous rural woman.