Member: Nguyễn Thị Lợi

Age: 2024

Living: Soc Son - Ha Noi

Farming business model

Born in an agricultural family and attached with fields for years, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Loi and her husband in Dong Lac village, Tien Duoc commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi always wish to build up their own VAC system, an integrated farming of food gardening, fish rearing and animal husbandry (VAC is an acronym formed from the three Vietnamese words Vuon, garden, Ao, pond, and Chuong, livestock pen) to achieve better economic efficiency, reduce labor force, then improve living standard. However, because of lacking working capital and burden of 4 children, they, for many years, just could manage to have enough food for the family and money to send their children to schools. 

In 1994, as introduced by other women in the village, Mrs. Loi started knowing about “TYM Soc Son branch”. Realizing the suitability of TYM’s operating model with her own conditions, she applied to join as a member of center 20 in Dong Lac village and availed the first loan of VND 500,000. Since then, she has always been an active member of TYM. Using both credit and savings services, she has cleverly used borrowed capital for developing business, and at the same time accumulated earnings for own equity. Thanks to that, her family has gradually purchased more indoor facilities such as beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs, motorbikes, and constructed a more spacious house, etc.

In 2013, under the local policy of land consolidation, she and her husband discussed and agreed to apply for a concentrated land area to expand husbandry and hired an additional of 4,000 m2 pond area to develop the VAC system. After considering their farming project, TYM approved to disburse them a loan with maximum size of VND 30 million which helped to solve part of their capital difficulties. Applying the overlapping model of rearing 5 sows for piglets and at the same time feeding the piglets maturely for meat, they always achieve a stable quantity of pork offered to market. In addition to that, Mrs. Loi focuses on breeding poultry in large quantities and developing the fish raising. Such the business system brings her family an interest income of over VND 150 million each year. Mrs. Loi also plans to expand the size of livestock to increase more income for the family. With TYM, Mrs. Loi is always aware of her responsibilities and make fully and timely repayment as per schedule.

With the first loan of only VND 500,000, then increased sizes from time to time, and now the maximum amount of VND 30 million, TYM has helped Mrs. Loi’s family to develop economic condition in a stable manner and achieve a much better life. As a member of TYM, Mrs. Loi also has chances to join various social activities such as cultural events, seminars or talks to share living, children upbringing and caring experiences with other members in the center. Thanks to that, her family is always filled with laughter, joy and happiness; their children have good education and stable jobs.
TYM activities in Soc Son district, Hanoi has not only benefited Mrs. Loi’s family but also helped many others to escape poverty and get a prosperous and happy life.

Soc Son Branch, Hanoi