Member: Nguyen Thi Nhai

Age: 40

Living: Lam Xuyen village, Tam Hong commune, Yen Lac district, Vinh Phuc

Small loans to support women to develop a high-quality black grape growing model

With small loans from TYM (under the Vietnam Women’s Union), Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhai boldly invested in and developed a model of black grape cultivation applying VietGAP standards to improve product quality, expand the supply of goods to the whole Northern region, and create a firm trust of consumers.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhai, born 1984, in Lam Xuyen village, Tam Hong commune, Yen Lac district (Vinh Phuc), said that in 2019 she just started researching and initially investing in a clean grape growing project. Seedless black grape is a very healthy product and brings many benefits to consumers, and is suitable for growing in the local land. The tree grows and develops well, gives large grapes and bunches and can achieve a yield of up to 20 tons/ha, opening up the opportunity of economic development for stable income.

However, the first problem is still the lack of funds for her to boost production, build infrastructure, and apply VietGAP process for sustainable development. To overcome this difficulty, after being introduced by local women about Tinh Thuong Microfinance Institution – TYM (under the Central Vietnam Women’s Union), she decided to join TYM to benefit both credit and deposit products. With a first loan of VND 30 million, she developed an initial idea and planned to learn about domestic black grape growing models. From time to time, she now has a modern viticulture model with 4,300 vines planted on an area of 10,000 m2. Her business provides jobs for 6 regular workers and 10 seasonal workers with an average income of VND 250,000/ 1 head/ day.

She shared “right from the beginning, my family has invested in a scientific way, using a system of roof truss, automatic fertilizer, and drip irrigation. Planting and care procedures are guaranteed according to VietGAP standards right from the seedling stage; and chemicals that may affect the environment are not used. Over the years being a member of TYM, she has become more and more confident. She could avail TYM’s capital with a maximum size of up to VND 100 million, and at the same time had a chance to participate in digital technology training  to improve her skills in promoting and introducing products on modern technological means.

Ms. Nhai said “during the initial stage we have gradually approached the retailed market, and offered our products at clean agricultural stores around the local area. After receiving more orders and positive feedback, we gradually increased production and continued to bring products to larger markets such as agricultural product stalls in supermarkets throughout the northern region.

“During this period, we always listen to feedback from the stores about customer comments in order to continuously study and improve product quality, creating a firm trust of consumers”, Ms. Nhai said.

International and domestic guests visiting the grape growing model of Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhai